Our philosophy



We each see our own worlds – our organisations and the way in which we compete – in different ways. This is a world in which BIG appreciates complexity. Together, we seek to understand and embrace what makes you different, and your aspirations for business and personal growth. Through this we value: uniqueness; diversity; uncertainty; choice and potential.


In order to understand and make sense of your world we like to understand its breadth and depth. Breadth requires us to think in a broad, contextual and interdisciplinary manner. Depth necessitates understanding how choice is influenced through personality, behaviour and habits, rules and routines, and value systems. Thus sense-making becomes a dynamic, engaging and value adding process.


Improvement and growth doesn’t just emerge from each of us individually; we can only achieve them by involving and engaging others. We challenge and support you, and those with whom you work, to apply the latest thinking and techniques available to crystallize your aspirations for growth and create alignment across and beyond your organisation. It follows that our work seeks to include all relevant stakeholders, coming together and sharing responsibility for improvement and growth. To achieve this we facilitate personal and organisational development in an engaging, creative and playful manner.


Working with you, we strive to create lasting impact for all those involved in understanding improvement and growth. We facilitate strategic change and development that delivers sustainable growth. Through working with you we seek to impact personal, organizational and societal levels.