The business growth and development program

The BIG Journey™ is a business growth and development open program. It is for those business owners and leaders who would like to work “on” the business and not just “in” it with an ambitious peer group. By the end of the program you will have transitioned to a strategic leader and thinker, while developing a comprehensive and robust strategic plan for the future. We will dare you to become bigger, better and stronger. If this sounds your sort of challenge, then look no further.


The programme works with the constraints of everyday business priorities through a set of six highly practical two-day modules bound together by in-company coaching support.

You and your business will become the focus of the programme, and you will be driven to balance quick wins with the need for clarity in purpose and vision for future growth.

This participative programme is an investment in your future potential and a start of a new journey: it is not a prescriptive training package. Why not begin your journey with us today.

Who is it for?

The BIG Journey™ is for ambitious business owners, directors and others leading private, public or not-for-profit SMEs who have an inner desire to improve and grow themselves and their businesses.

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What can I expect to gain?

A recent independent study of The BIG Journey™ found that participants experienced an average increase in revenues of 18.8% and in employment levels of 13.6%. One cohort alone added £2.8m to the regional economy, and 111.5 new jobs, driving up the competitiveness of SMEs in the region.

As a result of attending the BIG Journey™, you will:

  • work on your business, not just in it! Release time to work on strategic development
  • gain clarity in purpose and values
  • define and commit to your own personalised growth and development path
  • become a strategic leader and commit time to strategic thinking
  • perfect the way you engage, lead and motivate others to achieve success
  • understand the process of growth and build scenarios of the future that lies ahead
  • experience and debate the latest management thinking
  • build lasting relationships with, and gain insights from other successful business leaders

Benefits for your organisation:

  • act as a catalyst for strategic change
  • spend time resolving specific business issues
  • evaluate your business against key factors of success
  • crystalise the value you deliver and your position in the value chain
  • develop a robust and comprehensive strategic vision and plan
  • build practical and achievable action plans
  • foster the culture you need to achieve success for the business
  • develop a reliable team that you can have confidence in

What previous participants say

Here are some comments about the impact BIG has made on our clients firms

The BIG Journey™ has massively influenced the way we build our business. As a result, we are bringing four times as many customers on board compared to the same period last year.

-    Tim Ralph, Founder and CEO, Adaro Optics

The BIG Journey™ has helped us to build stronger, deeper relationships with new clients and our existing network.

-    Helen Fairley, Co-Founder & Director, 62 Design

The BIG Journey™ has quickly driven us to expand internationally. Following attendance at the first module I attended a trade fair in Germany and secured 25 new customers.

-    Rob Cooper, Founder & CEO, Fabricsmart

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