Our past, present and future

AH4A4720In 2006, a group of professionals who passionately believed in the valuable role of research identified the drivers of growth to challenge business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs in the way they build and develop their organisations.

Since then, this group has researched hundreds of small and medium-sized organizations (SMEs) and has translated this knowledge into a suite of tools and programs. These interventions are delivered by these same professionals, coupled with theory and industry insights from experienced business leaders who have “been there and done it”.

Business. Improvement. Growth. (BIG) works with research-intensive institutions to deliver research capable of identifying the drivers of growth and performance in their local context. BIG then helps to translate this new knowledge into practical ways that achieve lasting results for business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs, whilst engaging with and offering important insights for policy. Through bridging across academic, business and policy making communities BIG strives to create lasting impact, facilitates strategic change and delivers sustainable economic growth.

Together, BIG is passionate about supporting ambitious business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs with personal and organisational improvement and growth.