Think BIG…Think Business. Improvement. Growth.™

You are running a business, you are ambitious for the business and for your own learning, and the satisfaction that comes from success. Your business is unique, but has many aspects in common with other businesses and business people.

Business. Improvement. Growth.™ offers a secure and confidential environment to share and to learn, all with the aim of helping you and your business to improve and grow. The BIG suite of programmes provides facts about business improvement and growth, and creates an environment for knowledge sharing and learning. The techniques and approach use the latest in management thinking on which to base practical change.

BIG Associates growth

In addition to our programmes – the BIG Journey™ and our BIG Futures Network™ – we create further opportunities for meeting with other like-minded ambitious business owners and leaders on issues of strategic relevance; through discussion, meeting, blogs and articles. Consequently, many business owners and leaders have chosen to remain part of BIG since its conception in 2006.

Why ME?

The programmes are designed for the ambitious business owner who wants to develop their business into a more effective, efficient, profitable and sustainable enterprise. This can be achieved through a greater understanding of the strategic forces at work within your business and the wider economy. The BIG programmes work best with business owners and leaders who are keen to understand and explore their own, and their business’ strengths and weaknesses, and wish to develop opportunities for improvement and growth while managing risk as effectively as possible.

Why Not ME?

BIG is not a networking or sales group. Although the network of like-minded contacts is helpful and supportive, this is in the context of shared experiences and guided learning.