The business growth and development network

The BIG Futures Network™ is a business growth and development peer group network. It is for those ambitious business owners who have clarity over their strategic plan and want to resolve the ongoing challenges that come with the process of implementation, while continuing their personal development journey.

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You shape the agenda. The programme responds to your needs by translating the latest thinking in personal and business growth to help you resolve emerging challenges as you execute your strategic plan.

Members meet together, on bi-monthly basis, within a supportive and practical learning environment with no interruptions, accessible business experts and skilled facilitators. Through the network, members can access a range of support mechanisms including personal business coaching and action learning.

Previous topics

The network has explored strategic execution in the context of:

  • value propositions and value chain thinking
  • resilient and resonant leadership
  • strategic sales
  • strategic marketing
  • team leadership, development and culture
  • strategic alliances
  • strategic finance
  • innovation processes
  • new product development/launch strategies
  • succession planning and leaving a legacy

…to name but a few!

Who is it for?

This BIG Futures Network™ is for ambitious business owners, directors and others leading private, public or not-for-profit SMEs who have an inner desire to improve and grow themselves and their businesses.

What can I expect to gain?

As a result of attending the BIG Futures Network™, you will:

  • Work on your business, not just in it! Release time to work on strategic execution
  • Resolve ongoing growth and performance challenges
  • Deepen your personal and organisational toolbox for strategic change
  • Continue your professional development and strategic leadership journey
  • Track progress, and be held accountable for change
  • Hear the stories of other business leaders who have “been there and done it”
  • Identify clear actions to improve the way that your organisation delivers results
  • Continue to delegate, whilst developing your senior team
  • Deepen relationships with other like-minded business leaders

What previous participants say

Here are some comments about the impact BIG has made on our client’s firms:

What previous participants say

Here are some comments about the impact BIG has made on our clients firms

"Receiving supportive feedback on our strategic direction has been excellent, and fellow members and the programme team continue to challenge me to work on the business"

-    Fiona Murchie, Founder and CEO of Relocate Global

“Through the BIG Futures Network™ I have been held accountable for the execution of the plan. The Network has helped to unblock my thinking and make progress”

-    Martin Young, Founder and CEO of Positive Noise

"Understanding our role in the value chain, the drivers impacting our business and scenario planning for the future with the practical tools and worksheets was very helpful"

-    Avril Hitman, Founder and CEO of Magpie Dance

"The BIG Futures Network™ has provided me with a toolkit, available when you need it. You have the power to make the decisions"

-    Clifford Corne, Founder and CEO of Secure Engineering